Tema shuts down! …as traditional area observe chief’s funeral  

All markets, shops, stalls and stores including pharmacies under the jurisdiction of the Tema Traditional Council were closed to business activities yesterday and the closure expected to continue today. 

The areas included Tema Manhean, some communities namely one to 12 and various divisional areas such as Ashaiman, Zeenu, Kubekro, Adjei Kojo, Klagon, Sakumono and Adjeiman.

This formed part of activities for the funeral of the Paramount Chief for Tema, Nii Adjei Kraku II which occurred on February 2020.

Some schools were also closed for Thursday and Friday to ensure the safety and security of the pupils.

Earlier, notices had been sent to churches to suspend all funerals, weddings, traditional marriages, outdooring and other social activities in honour of the memory of the late chief.

There had also been a blackout on Wednesday October 26 from 7:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. and residents advised to be indoors in the various communities as part of the funeral activities.

A drive around town on Friday had no persons at the various markets and the streets virtually empty with notices posted on some of the business facilities announcing to their clients about the development.

There was mixed reactions from residents about the event and while some were of the view that tradition must prevail to honour the late chief, others also thought such cultural practices had outlived their usefulness, and so should be done away with.

Meanwhile, life is expected to return to normal after the funeral on Saturday. 


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