Tema school pupils ‘tired’ of wearing nose masks all day

Many students in the Tema Metropolis have refused to wear their nose masks after school, though it is mandatory to do so in public as one of the preventive measures against the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the Ghanaian Times has observed.

They are commonly seen without nose masks after classes on the streets or in buses.

Others also preferred to wear them on their chin, have them kept in their pockets or held in their hands. 

When the Ghanaian Times contacted some of the students, many who spoke on condition of anonymity admitted their actions were unacceptable, others tried to justify it.

 They explained that after they had worn them for several hours in school which was mandatory, when out of the school compound it was an opportunity to enjoy fresh air.

“Madam, we are tired of wearing these nose masks. Every day we are supposed to wear a nose mask, we are tired,” one of them said.

He admitted that he knew the COVID-19 was not over, but said wearing the nose mask from 7: 00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m. every day of the week caused too much discomfort. 

Another said “When I am in school I have no choice but when I am going to school or returning I won’t kill myself to wear it,” he said.

The Ghanaian Times is therefore drawing the attention of  heads of schools to intensify education about the COVID-19 to ensure that students always did what was right both in and out of school.


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