Tell govt stories on projects, programmes…WR Minister to journalists

The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, has tasked the state media to help the Regional Coordination Council (RCC) tell the government’s stories about projects and programmes being executed for development.

He argued that such collaboration was critical for information dissemination and also a good feedback from the communities.

Mr Darko-Mensah made the call when he met state media representatives including New Times Corporation (NTC), Graphic Communications Group Limited, Ghana News Agency (GNA), Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and the Information Service Department (ISD) on Tuesday in Takoradi.

The meeting discussed challenges facing the state media such as transport, mobility, logistics and information flow and how to assist RCC to champion the development of the region.

He stated “There may be some gaps, but, let’s continue to collaborate and work together to get government’s policies across to the people in the Western Region.

They want to hear news about what affects them, you also need to project the region to attract investment,   promote the private sector, which is a key partner to the growth and development of the region,” he urged the media.

Mr Darko -Mensah said young graduates needed to be educated to use their own creativity and ingenuity to chart their own future, instead of relying on the government all the time.

He encouraged them to set up their own companies and be proud to achieve their goals and successes in life.

The Regional Minister told the journalists that the country would have to be “built by Ghanaians and not foreigners,” who had their eye set on profits to be repatriated back to their home country.

The government, Mr Darko-Mensah said, was desirous to ensuring the completion of various projects and programmes, including the One District, One Factory (IDIF) flagship programme.

The Palm Oil Processing factory at Dompim, he said, was an example of such initiatives.

He stated “We are working hard to transform the region especially with the private sector and businesses, and that’s my belief.”

Mr Darko-Mensah mentioned that the Forward Operation Base (FOB) project, for the oil and gas enclave at Ezinlibo, in the Jomoro Municipality was also on course.

He noted the challenges of information flow to the media outlets and assured that steps would be taken to address those concerns.

The RCC, he said, would work on the problems of logistics especially computers.


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