Teachers require training to intergrate tech, innovation into online education – Prof Omane Antwi

The Vice Rector of the Pentecost University College, Prof. Kwame Boasiako Omane-Antwi, says teachers require continuous support and training to effectively integrate technology and innovation into online education.

He said there was the pressing need for teachers to be trained as technical specialists to ensure the successof online education.

Prof. Omane-Antwi was speaking at the 60th anniversary of Mpraeso Senior High School (MPASS) recently in the Eastern Region on the theme ““Promoting Inclusive Education in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era: The Role of Science, Technology and Innovation.”

He said there was also the need for the government to equip leaners (SHS students) with technology through the expansion of broadband and 5G Internet technology, as well as shift computing power from devices to the “Cloud”. 

“Thus, the extensive use of cloud computing as a public service provided by government to the schools will enable all learners to have good quality access to information and connection with others at a reasonable cost and increase the quality of teaching and learning in the SHS whether they take place online or offline,” he added.

Prof. Omane-Antwi said successful online learning required a reconstruction of the role, responsibilities and practices of teachers as well as re-orienting the minds of parents and society.

“It is essential to understand the dynamics of a range of online learning environment, the perceptions and pre-conceptions that exist, and at best to utilise the potential of current technology to overcome barriers to successful learning,” he added.

Prof. Omane-Antwi said promoting student readiness was essential for successful learning experiences.

“Students need to be prepared for changing demands related to online learning with respect to technology, learning management, teaching methods and practices and social roles.

Teachers must build character of students, and teach moral and ethics to students who are spending time in front of computers. In this connection teachers should be proficient in the use of ICT. The first stage should be a comprehensive assessment of the ability and resourcefulness of teachers to use technology,” he added.

The Vice Rector of the Pentecost University College who is also an old student of MPASS used the opportunity urge old students to contribute to towards the agenda which would change MPASS and the country at large.


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