Teacher pours acid on 14-year-old boy

A 14-year-old boy has lost his left forearm and right foot due to the effect of acid poured on him for allegedly stealing a bicycle.

The act was supposedly committed by a teacher of Nalerigu Senior High School, in North East Region, Ibrahim Salifu.

The two limbs of the boy were subsequently amputated by doctors at the Nalerigu Baptist Medical Centre following the acid attack.

The boy was said to have been riding his bicycle,in search of scraps, and when came across empty tomato cans,he decided to take them away.

Gideon Wunduwa, the victim’s father, told JoyNewsthat the son’s bicycle did not have a carrier, so he parked it, and took another one with a carrier parked in front of a house without the owner’s permission.

The father said the son parked the scraps on the bicycle with a carrier and went and sold them, adding “So he left his bicycle there and went and sold the cans, but when he returned, the man met him and accused the boy of stealing his bicycle”.

According to Wunduwa, his son attempted to explain the circumstances under which he swapped the bicycles, but the man turned a deaf ear to him.

He said his son was tied to a wooden bench and beaten with sticks for several hours before battery acid was poured on him.

MrWunduwa said “The man tied him and called some people. They placed a plank of wood on top of two water drums, tied his legs and hands and hanged him while they were rolling and whipping him.

He said when acid was poured on the boyand he was tortured, he became unconscious, and he was dumped in a bush.

MrWunduwa said his son was rescued and rushed to the Nalerigu Baptist Medical Centre in the region, and the culprit, Salifu, was arrested by the police, but he was released after the Nalerigu Traditional authorities intervened.

MrWunduwa told Joy News he is unhappy with the way the police were handling the case, adding that police investigation into the matter was not promising, and called on the public to support him demand justice for his son. – myjoyonline.

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