Take education of children seriously –Gyaasetse

Head of Gbawe Kwatei Family and Gyaasetse, Isaac Nii Laryea Quatey has asked parents to take the education of their wards seriously to ensure they become responsible leaders in society.

According to him, children in the area were usually seen roaming about especially at night instead of staying glued to their books and acquiring knowledge.

Speaking at the 20th anniversary celebration of Queen of Gbawe, Naa Sei, he said, the traditional leaders would crack the whip on any parent who allows his or her ward to roam in town after 9p.m.

“We need to educate our children so that they could transform our community in future. Currently, it is worrying to see children roam the streets at night instead of studying to become useful to society,” he stated.

He noted children must see Naa Sei as their role model as she has attained education to the highest level and now leading the community.

“Gone were the days when we fight with guns and cutlasses to settle issues but we do so through intellectual discuss so children must acquire knowledge to meet the current demand to lead a group of people,” he stressed.

He said, parents would be summoned before the traditional authority if a child between the ages of eight and 17 were found on the streets after 9p.m.

This measure he said would go a long way to stop children from roaming the streets and be focused on their studies.

On her part, Naa Sei who was in support of the development said every child must be encouraged to be in school and acquire the needed education to develop their community.

She also encouraged the people of Gbawe to live in unity and avoid any form of disputes that could destroy the harmony currently existing within the community.

“Twenty years celebration could not have been possible if we did not remain united as a family so we must continue to live in peace,” she stated.

Other leaders including Chief of Gbawe, Nii Laryea Faamlite and Nuumo Gbelenfo III who was the Chairperson for the occasion also called for unity among the Gbawe people.

The celebration brought together several dignitaries including tradition heads, political leaders and religious groups from Gbawe and its environs.

Caption: Naa Sei (middle) speaking during the 20th anniversary celebration


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