Tadzi C’nity enjoys portable water supply

The Chief Executive Officer of Infinity Den Enterprise and Infinity Stars Hotel at Penyi in the Ketu North Municipal of the Volta Region, Mr John Kwakuvi Hounlessodji, has provided a portable water plant to the Tadzi Community in Ketu North.

The people of Tadzi who were present at the ceremony to inaugurate the small water system involving a borehole connected to a tank, expressed their joy for what they have been awaiting for a long time.

Torgbui Ashiagbor IV who is the right wing chief of Weta in the municipal, appreciated the effort of Mr Hounlessodji, popularly known as “Infinity” for the great work he had been doing to communities in the Volta Region.

Torgbui Ashiagbor said,”actually I am not surprised, Infinity has been helping us for some time now. When we started the community centre project for the people of Tadzi, Infinity Company came in to support us, he supported us in so many ways.”

He cautioned the people of Tadzi to use the water well because water is life and told them to allow other communities to fetch the water from them since it had been given to them freely as well.

Mr Dzakpa Christian who is the youth secretary at Tadzi said hitherto, the community found it difficult to get access to water  and had to travel to other towns for water, and the dangerous season for them was the Harmattan season, adding that, “but now that they have potable water it would make life easy for them.”

He commended Mr Hounlessodji for providing the water for the people, saying,”I humbly express our profound gratitude and joy to you and your company for your successful drilling of a borehole for the provision of portable water for the community. In fact, the entire community is overwhelmed.”

Mr Christian promised to see to it that the facility was put to good use through proper care and maintenance to prolong its life span.

Mr Hounlessodji assured the people of Tadzi and nearby towns to expect more of these corporate social responsibilities (CSR) from his company and himself and urged the people to use water wisely.

By Times Reporter

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