Support Assemblies to accelerate devt – Chiefs urged

The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for Tarkwa-Nsuaem, Benjamin Kessie, has appealed to traditional authorities to support and assist the Assemblies to accelerate socioeconomic development.

He noted that without their support and assistance, communities would not be able to accelerate development.

“Take urgent steps to address the widespread chieftaincy disputes and land litigation across the Municipality and the region as a whole since they have security implications which take major toll on our resources and impede progress, growth and development,” Mr Kessie urged.

Making the appeal at the Assembly’s last meeting for the year at Awhitieso, he asked them to unite and resolve their collective differences towards making the town a model municipality.

Mr Kessie encouraged assembly members to sharpen their lobbying and advocacy skills to optimise benefits for communities while involving the private sector in development drive and projects such as construction or reconstruction of market circle, storey stores across the high street and designated areas, among others.

He said reports from the Municipal Health Directorate revealed that assembly members had contributed significantly to educating and sensitising communities to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

However, Mr Kessie lamented that the spirit appeared to be waning, and that they should continue the good work they had begun. Also, he mentioned that the Food and Drugs Authority had given authorisation for administration of Pfizer to children of 15 years and vaccination of age category would commence soon nationwide.

“As we continue to find permanent solutions to our road problems, we have captured the procurement of a grader in the budget to help in the maintenance of inner roads and stakeholders to support and assist the exercise to ensure protection of population against the pandemic.

“The preparation of the budget has been participatory, l believe it reflects general will of the assembly, I will plead with you to approve it to enable the assembly to implement all projects and programmes earmarked for implementation in 2022. The budget document certainly did not and cannot contain all programmes and projects envisioned for year under review, our hard-working members of Parliament, the government, development partners, corporate bodies and individuals will regularly flood our frontiers with programmes and projects beyond budgeted items,” Mr Kessie intimated.

Emmanuel Gado, the Presiding Member of the Assembly, admonished his colleagues to prioritise revenue mobilisation in electoral areas and contribute towards progress, growth and development agenda of the municipality.

He charged the assembly members to organise regular communal labour, education and sensitisation exercises in their electoral areas to help keep their homes and the environment clean. -GNA

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