Support arts industry –Eno Barony urges Govt

Ghana’s female rapper, Eno Barony has dismissed claims which suggested that featuring renowned artistes could boost popularity of songs.

According to her, many young artistes had embraced the notion that excelling in the industry depended on a great act they feature, thus they worry themselves to get a renowned artiste on their tracks.

The multi-talented rapper explained that featuring industrial artistes whose art did not suit the song could destroy its nature, quality and market value.

“There is no talent better than other talent, if the person is on top and the person’s style does not suit the track it will kill the song because no human can make you a hit, it is through your hard work,” she said.

Eno Barony underscored the need for industrial players to choose talent over hype.

She observed that many talents could not develop due to funds, expatiating that “if you do not have money to promote your art you cannot excel” and appealed to investors to invest in talents.

Touching on the creative industry, the “Heavy load” hit maker urged government to invest more in the sector to provide jobs for the youth.

Signed to Magic Minds Music Group in 2019, the songwriter Eno Barony who started professional music in 2014 has more than 30 tracks and plans to release her second album this year.

She has collaborated with Abrewa Nana, Sarkodie, Wendy Shay, Sister Afia, Kofi Mole and currently has a new track dubbed “Voice of Truth,” which featured Akwaboah.

After eight days of releasing the track, it is receiving massive airplay; Eno is a product of Kumasi Polytechnic and poised to change the industry with a feminine treat to make it captivating for other talented ladies to embrace.

Born Ruth Adjoa Amankwah Nyame Adom, she released her debut album “Yaa Asantewaa” in 2017; Times Weekend (TW) had an encounter with her to find out how her journey had been.


TW: How did you get your stage name?

Eno: I started with Eno but when people google the name it was difficult for them to pinpoint me since there were many Enos. I thought of a different title to make me unique, that is why I chose Barony. In rap there is something called bars so Barony simply means someone is in charge of bars.

TW: When did you make the name transition?

Eno: In 2018

TW: We knew you as a rapper, what has changed?

Eno: I am still a rapper but more matured because I cannot do the show without the business. We are in Africa and ours is highlife and afro beat so I fused the rap into the beat to make it more appealing to the people.

TW: Has the industry given you the attention you deserve?

Eno: I have grown to learn that nothing is given; you just have to grab it yourself. There were lots of times I wanted to give up, upon second thought I persevered and that has brought me this far. I would continue to work hard to gain everything I want in the industry because lots of women look up to me.

TW: Will you ever write for other artiste?

Eno: Why not! If the person can execute it well with the beat, I will.

TW: Will you ever give your hit track out to a different artiste?

Eno: Hahahaha all the songs I write are hits so why not.

TW: How flexible are you with the people?

Eno: I am quite open to those who are open to me.

TW: Will you accept to feature a young artiste?

Eno: Yes! If only the track is good and suit my style.

TW: I love the Heavy load track what inspired it?

Eno: I sang it to inspire women, especially well endowed women to make them believe in themselves that they are equally sexy as slim girls.

Eno: Aside you which other female rapper is good?

Eno: Freda Rhymz

TW: Being a daughter of a pastor, how did he take your decision to be a secular musician?

Eno: It was not easy but with time they accepted.

TW: Which church do you attend and your role there?

Eno: I attend God’s Hour Ministry and I lead praise and worship.

TW: What is your expectation in this year’s Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA)?

Eno: Management is filling the nomination’s forms, and we are hoping for the best.

TW: How many awards do you have?

Eno: Five

TW: As a hardcore artiste do you take in any substance to aid you while performing?

Eno: Hahaha, I take ice kenkey to cool me when I become nervous after seeing the crowd.

TW: Your final words to fans!

Eno: Happy New Year to them and they should keep praying for me to continue entertaining them, hey they should not forget to subscribe to my channels because the lyrical video of Voice of the truth is available now.

TW: Thanks a lot for your time!

Eno: Thank you for having me!


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