Suka Power schools NABCO trainees on renewable energy

Suka Power Limited, in collaboration with the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO), has organised training on renewable energy entrepreneurship for over 480 persons living within the coastal zones in Accra.

The coastal zones comprise the Greater Accra Region, Central Region, Western Region, Volta Region and some parts of the Eastern Region.

Mr Suka Abdul W. Raaj, the Managing Director for Suka Power Limited, said the company’s set goal was to equip the NABCO trainees, who were about to pass out, of the opportunities available in the renewable energy industry.

He said many NABCO trainees would like to come out as entrepreneurs, “so Suka wants to use this opportunity to explain what solar energy for that matter renewable energy is and as an option for them to consider when they are designing their business plans as they get into entrepreneurship.

“We are doing that with the view to guide and help the trainees sail through and become successful,” Mr Raaj told the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

Mr Raaj said the future of renewable energy in Ghana was so huge, following the growing advocacy for the transition from fossil fuel to renewables.

“So, the future for fossil fuel is numbered and the Sun is limitless and constant, the sun is the source of wind and even the biomass, so the renewable energy like solar has a huge potential in Africa a great advantage for Africans,” he said.

He said the solar energy business could easily be decentralised and appealed to the government to remove taxes from renewable energy products. -GNA

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