Students urged to develop models towards sustainable job market

The School of Business and Communication at the Bluecrest College has held a Media Business and Professional Journalism Forum for the students of the department.

It was organised as part of efforts to groom the next generation of initiators of positive change within the media landscape capable of creating business models to achieve sustainable jobs.

The forum was addressed by Gilbert Abeiku Aggrey, alias Abeiku Santana, a broadcaster and Manasseh Azure Awuni, a freelance Investigative journalist whose last stint was with the Multimedia Group.

 Earlier, Dr William Quarmine, Dean of the School of Business and Communication at the college, said the department was poised to groom the next generation of positive change makers in the media landscape.

He noted that the college has positioned itself as a place where the creators of Africa’s golden age of business would be discovered and developed saying, “Africa urgently needs a new generation of positive change makers who are capable of creating business models that lead to sustainable jobs.

“In order to achieve such an objective, the college had created an enabling environment where quality lecturers, successful entrepreneurs and captains of industry team up to monitor students.”

Mr Awuni asked the students while on the job to know their strength of what they could contribute to shape society and make the world a better place for all adding that, “Their strength should be reinforced by knowledge and skills which can be acquired by avid reading to broaden the mind.

“Before a journalist can impact positively within the media space, there is the need for one to be very creative in bringing out story lines and features which inure to the benefit of society and will have a wider readership.

“Some story lines though can impact positively on society, they can also be undesirable to others who might want such stories not to see the light of the day making it clear that such stories can be published with risk.

“However as a journalist who would want to make your mark in society there is the need to take certain degree of risk which will not pose danger to your life, the risk factor is important in journalism since it can determine which stories are put out, life is about risk, none of us should be afraid taking a bold decision.”

Mr Aggrey asked the students to create a personality brand since branding was very important to enable them stand out from others and also have some degree of credibility since branding was an evolving process and before they could stake out a claim to a particular credibility and branding, it was necessary for them to change with times and ensure that they remained focus and serious.


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