Students urged to be crusaders of sanitation

Mr Kafui Dey, an event management consultant, has challenged students in first cycle institutions to see themselves as crusaders to rid Accra of filth.

He said such a role would help improve the sanitation situation which has engulfed the city since youthful exuberance could impact very much on the campaign.

Mr Dey said these during a symposium with the students of Alpha Beta Educational Centre in Dansoman.

The event was organised under the auspices of the National Commission on Civic Education, as part of their Civic Education month.

Mr Dey said indiscriminate disposal of filth, especially plastics, had engulfed the storm drain, creating flood in the city anytime it rained.

He said the filth had choked the drains so much that, it entered into the sea through the inland water bodies, creating a mess at the beaches.

Mr Dey said at one point, during a fishing expedition by some local fisher folks, they ended up dragging rubber plastics from the sea in their net to their dismay.

He said though some areas in Accra seemed inundated by filth, other areas maintained their clean environment, meaning that the efforts to make Accra one of the cleanest city, could be driven by the fact that there were enough space and determination to rid the city of filth.

Mr Dey entreated the students to lead in the crusade of ridding the city of filth, by leading hygienic lifestyles to reduce littering.

Mrs Florence Adjepong, Founder and Principal of Alpha Beta, said the school would encourage the students to adapt measures to help stem the tide in their various communities.

She commended the NCCE for carrying the message to the school, promising to organise a competition on sanitation to help drown home the message.


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