Students advised to uphold values of integrity, transparency

The President of Wisconsin International University College, Ghana (WIUC-GH) Prof. Obeng Mireku, has urged students to uphold values including integrity, transparency and accountability to achieve success academically and professionally.

Speaking at the 18th Matriculation Ceremony of the university in Accra on Saturday, he said there was no magic formula for success except discipline, teamwork and other good values.

Some matriculants taking their oath

“What we do know is that those who have achieved true success have consistently displayed a number of characteristics including integrity, transparency and accountability, teamwork, excellence in service delivery and customer satisfaction,” he stated.

“So students who wish to succeed in their chosen endeavours must begin to uphold the aforementioned core values as any other distraction could affect their future ambitions,” he added.

The university he said was positioned to mould students to become the best in their chosen fields and urged matriculants to remain responsible while on campus.

“Our mission is to develop world-class human resources equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet national development needs and global challenges,” he stated.

“Investing in tertiary education has come at great cost and sacrifice to many considering the current economic challenges but on our part, the management, faculty and staff of Wisconsin pledge to help students achieve their full potential,” he added.

He urged matriculants to uphold their part of the bargain by working hard, exercising integrity and seize all opportunities available for their betterment.

He also asked students to engage and participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as it would go a long way to help them to build strong partnerships for the future.

“Co-curricular activities are needed alongside your studies, although academic gain cannot be necessarily derived from them. Extra-curricular activities equip you with soft skills such as communication, leadership, work ethic and teamwork,” he stated.

Student internships, workshops, public lectures, seminars and other activities he said, would help students to identify their aptitudes and preferences.

“Career development sessions offered by the Career and Counselling Services Centre are there to assist you to prepare for job interviews and build a professional network. You are encouraged to attend the career development classes which have been allocated slots on the university timetable,” he stressed.

The matriculation ceremony was held concurrently at the Kumasi campus of the university. In all, 3018 students were matriculated consisting of 579 males and 1708 females for the Accra campus while a total of 731 students consisting of 194 males and 537 females were accepted for the Kumasi campus.


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