Strive for excellence – young entrepreneurs urged

PMs Franka Maria Andoh, a renowned entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Antique Lemonade Gallery Space, has called on young entrepreneurs to strive for excellence to improve their operations.

She urged them not to be complacent, but rather go the extra mile, through current challenges to achieve success.

Ms Andoh, speaking to young creative artists during the Second Anniversary Celebration of Gallery in Accra, said, “there are collaborations that may not pay off immediately but can serve as either new learning experiences or provide big opportunities in the future”.

The CEO, who operates the famous Cuppa Cappuccino, said, “I speak from experience, because in my 21 years of entrepreneurship, there were times when I cannot pay my bills, where l have to take part time work just to pay my staff and also sell used clothes to make extra money.”

“Make investments or find things to do that can generate a living whilst you pursue your passion,” she said.

Ms Andoh said she was poised to nurture Ghana’s budding young artists into great talents unmatched anywhere in the world and appealed to them to “be wise and deliberate in your choices”.

She said “achieving success takes time and success comes when you are driven to serve, to excel in that service.”

Ms Andoh said the variety of skills or talents displayed by the young artists in the country were the attributes of God and this He expects to be shared with the world.

She called on young artists to build the real portfolios and stop pandering to likes on social media, adding that “make investments and or find things to do that can generate a living whilst you pursue your passion”.

She cautioned them to be wary of excessive praise, saying this could stunt their growth and make them complacent.

On how Antique Lemonade started, Ms Andoh said, it took off as a photo gallery, a space to showcase the experienced and the novice photographer.

She said the space has, however, evolved into an Art space and most recently delved into publishing and film.

She said photography “will always be our first love and feature strongly in our activities”. –GNA

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