Street Academy grateful to sponsors

The Street Academy – a sports and culture institution for street children, has expressed “a heart-felt” gratitude to its sponsors as the year grinds to a close.

Project Director for the Academy, Ms Ida Lartiokor Lartey, said continued support from their sponsors has kept the institution on its feet, lauding them for their “tremendous contribution to humanity.”

“Our sponsors deserve lots of plaudits for their remarkable efforts over the years and we can only look forward to the perpetuation of this wonderful union as we pray for God’s supernatural blessings for them.

“On behalf of our students and staff including the Director of the Academy, Ataa Lartey, we would like to thank them for their generosity all these years,” she emphasised, adding “their support is building up a bright future for the underprivileged generations.”

According to Ms Lartey, sponsors such the New Times Corporation (NTC), MTN, CalBank, National Theatre, Goil, PPEP, OTTN, Cinergy HD Limited and Diagonal Projects – Africa and Navidvar Trust, “have been incredible.”

Others, she mentioned, were Lintas, Outpouring To The People (OTTP), Ghana Maritime Authority and Seag Focus Ghana Limited, among other individuals and groups.

She was grateful to all who played various roles to ensure the success of last Saturday night’s party for more than 200 children at the National Theatre, in Accra.

The mission of Street Academy is to use education, culture, and sports to expose the hidden talents of the less-fortunate children living on the streets of Accra.

The students participate in sports, culture, music, drama, and basic education through a non-formal system.


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