Kawoula Biov is an up and coming artist to whom the credit of the viral song ‘Daavi Ne Ba’ popularly known as ‘Skopatomana’ must be given but unfortunately, the one corner hit maker Patapaa Amisty is taking credit for the song, after Kawoula featured him on it.

Social media went haywire after the release of the song about a month ago due to the manner in which Patapaa rapped his part of the song.

Individuals videoed themselves mimicking Patapaa’s rap with the hashtag ‘Skopatomana’

Even some celebrities, both local and international have joined the craze which is still trending and making the news.

Patapaa seeing how fast the song was going viral, took the rap version of the song where he featured and made it his own song, angering Kawoula who told Times Weekend (TW) in an interview on Tuesday that his song was copy right protected so he will do all he can to make sure nobody steals it from him.

He stated that Patapaa has gone to the extent of accepting invites from event organisers and performing the song without his knowledge.

TW engaged the 32-year-old entertainer in a chit chat to get the details of the beef.

Read on:

TW: How are you doing?

Kawoula: I am not doing well at all.

TW: Oh! Can you share with us why?

Kawoula: I am unhappy because after all the effort I put into this song I titled ‘Daavi Maame’, Patapaa is taking credit for it. This guy is someone I called a friend. We are both from Swedru in the Central Region, and we know each other very well so I was not expecting him to betray me in this manner.

TW: How did this whole beef begin?

Kawoula: It all begun after the song I featured Patapaa on started going viral, many thought and still think the song belongs to him but that is not the problem, the problem now is that Patapaa is honouring invites by event organisers and charging them to perform my song without even informing me, let alone asking me to go on stage with him. After realising the song is going viral on all social media platforms, Patapaa’s attitude towards me started changing, he has even picked a version of the part he rapped on my song to create his own song and calling it his, which is very wrong. I have videos to prove my point.

TW: This is unbelievable, have you confronted him so far?

Kawoula: Oh yes I have, but now, he has taken me off all the entertainment whatsapp groups he put me on, and has also stopped answering my calls.

TW: What is your next line of action now?

Kawoula: Together with my management, Godfred Alhassan Bopkin (GAP) Media Concept, we are finding a way to amicably resolve this issue, though Patapaa is not cooperating, we will not give up. I want my fans to know that ‘Daavi Maame’ belongs to me and not Patapaa. Anyone who doubts should go and cross check at Copy right Ghana.

TW: Have you thought about suing Patapaa?

Kawoula: No, I do not want it to get to the level, all we are seeking now is for Patapaa to stop performing my song without my consent and claiming ownership of it. He is being paid for that while I am here getting nothing out of something that belongs to me, I worked hard for it and Patapaa is using his fame to cheat me.

TW: We pray this beef ends peacefully while the song keeps trending. Away from this ‘Skopatomana’ controversy, let us get a little personal. Are you married?

Kawoula: Yes, I am happily married with one child.

TW: Wow that is good to know. Are you able to make time for your family despite your busy schedule?

Kawoula: Family is everything to me so I definitely make time for my family. Nothing comes before my wife and child, not even my career.

TW: You will live long for saying that!

Kawoula: (Laughs)

TW: So how many mistresses do you have? I am asking because you are a musician and you know how your people behave, they find it hard to stay with one woman because of the temptation that comes with the job.

Kawoula: (Laughs) I am able to resist every temptation that comes my way. In fact I am an angel!

TW:  I don’t believe, especially because of the way you are laughing while answering the question! That was just by the way, Kawoula how many songs do you have so far?

Kawoula: I have about 15 now.

TW: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Kawoula: I see myself taking over the music industry both locally and internationally.

TW: We will surely be there to join you in your success. Before we end do you have any comments to pass about the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA)?

Kawoula: All I have to say is may the best acts win. Every win is a win for Ghana. I will be there to offer my support on the night of the event.

TW: Finally, What advise do you have for your fans?

Kawoula: I urge them to keep supporting me. I really appreciate the love they are showing me, May God reward them abundantly. I will never disappoint them.

TW: Thank you for your time Kawoula.

Kawoula: Thank you too.       


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