Stop illegal sale of our lands – KojoBadu

The Arkoa Anona family of Asebu Amantsido in the central region has cautioned against the illegal sale of family lands to unsuspecting buyers.

According the family, the illegal sale of lands by certain individuals, companies and organisations were not sanctioned by the family.

The caution was given by the family head, Kojo Badu at a press conference in Accra on Tuesday.

He explained that, a company was allegedly targeting foreigners and offering for sale some of the ancestral and traditional lands including“our family lands.”

He said the family in an attempt to address the issue had called for several dialogues with the Chief and other board of directors of the said company to come to a consensus but all attempts have proved futile.

He also added that the family has also informed the buyers of the lands that it was illegally sold to them as some in an attempt to register the acquired land in their names at the Lands Commission failed.

“We have spoken to some of the buyers about the lands and some had to forfeit ownership because they were unable to register the land,” he explained.

On the next line of action, he revealed that the family was considering legal options to immediately halt the illegal sale of lands in the community.

“We have all relevant documents and proof to support our claim of ownership to the lands and we will not hesitate to sue any trespassers on our family lands,” he said.

He urged all persons who had fallen victim to the illegal land sale to demand for a refund of all monies and contact the appropriate parties to purchase a land.

“Parties who have fallen pray and undertaken any transactions on these lands to promptly approach the family to facilitate a peaceful resolution to avoid any discrepancies and follow due process in acquiring any land in Asebu,” he said.


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