Stop coronavirus discrimination against Africans in China!

If there is any characteristic of COVID-19 that does not require scientific apparatus or expertise to identify, it is the fact that the virus does not discriminate against it victims.

It has infected the young and old; affluent and destitute; rank and file of countries; black and white and continues to sweep the world like wildfire, showing absolute indifference to social status or class. 

It is, therefore regrettable that, some humans have not learnt this lesson from the fight against the virus and are rather excavating the already unpleasant conditions of others through diverse acts of discrimination.

Over the last few days, there have been countless reports of many Africans suffering discrimination in China’s southern city of Guangzhou where they are either schooling or working. 

These reports, indicate that, they are being evicted from their apartments by their landlords, being subjected to tests for coronavirus several times without provision of results, amongst other public discrimination.

As a result of this, many of them pass the night in the streets and open spaces.

This has triggered public outrage on social and mainstream media considering the fact that the COVID-19 disease that they fear emanated from the country. 

We understand that the whole commotion was triggered by the resistance of some Africans to some new health measures introduced in the province to combat the virus including other factors.

But was that the best way to handle this issue especially at a time that the whole world is on edge?  Absolutely No! Things would have been handled better to prevent the aftermath.

The discrimination is a blot on the several decades of cordial relation that has existed between many African countries and China cutting across trade, education, culture and other sectors.

Coming on the back of China’s donation of 60 metric tonnes of medical supplies including facemasks, overall protective suits to 18 African countries, including Ghana, it is mindboggling where the Chinese sympathy lies.

If the Chinese care about the welfare of Africans, should it not be first shown to Africans living in their midst? Do they cease to be Africans because of their geographical location?

We are aware that the Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Shi Ting Wang, says the issue had been resolved and that Ghanaians and other foreigners in China would not be discriminated against.

We welcome the interventions of Chinese authorities but it is imperative that they ensure that the practice ends. Discrimination is wrong and must not be meted out to any category of people. 

The Chinese must understand that they also have their nationals in our countries who could be victims of the same treatment to which they are subjecting Africans in their countries.

As the coronavirus continues to spread, we expect that love is spread alongside to cushion citizens and foreigners who may find themselves in undesirable situations as a result of the various measures on restriction on movement.

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