Stop coronation of Torgbi Wenya to avert mayhem in Anlo – Chris Ackumey to National Security

A senior statesman and concerned citizen of Anloland, Chris Ackumey, has called on National Security, the state security apparatus to stop a planned installation of a parallel king and queen mother in the Anlo State.

MrAckumey said any attempt to install the king and queen mother under the titles DutorTorgbigaWenya III and MamagaAbuiBuiekpor II on August 13, 2022 could spark mayhem in the rather peaceful Anloland.

At a press conference in Accra yesterday, MrAckumey said the people of Anlo would foil any installation if the state does not intervene.

“This attempt to install a chief so called DutorTorgbigaWenya III of AnloState is revisionist because the same attempt was made some years back (in 2007). Those who are pushing this revisionist agenda are bent on unleashing hell on Anloland and not until the security apparatus come in, we must be ready for another trouble (similar to what happened in 2007).

“I don’t want to think that we want to wait till there is another trouble in Anloland which would result in mayhem before we act. Then state security must act now to avert any mayhem,” Mr Ackumey said.

According to MrAckumey, chieftaincy in Anloland alternates between only two clans – the Adzorviawo under the stool name Sri andBatawo under the stool name Adeladza.

Tracing the history of the Anlo people, MrAckumey said the old Wenya who led the first group of Anlos from Notsie in present day Togo to the then Gold Coast was never been a chief neither in Notsie or when they arrived in their present location unlike the leader of the second batch, Torgbi Sri I.

“To be very honest, he(Wenya) was a prominent opinion leader of the Anlos and his voice was an influential voice and he died without being a chief or occupying any stool,” MrAckumey narrated.

This, he said,has been corroborated by the Djabanor Commission which investigated disturbances within the Anloland in 1957and attests to the fact that there has never been any TorgbiWenya neither in Notsie or when they arrived in present day Ghana.

He revealed that to find a lasting peace in Anloland, the traditional council has met the claimants from the Laofe clan, led by TorgbiAddo VIII, the Paramount Chief of Klikor and at the end, it was made known to them that there has never been any Wenya stool and therefore, there cannot be one today.  

“They were also told that there has never been any MamagaAbuiBuiekpor I and to that extent there could not be MamagaAbuiBuiekpor II. It was also made known to them that the HogbePark where they intend to do their illegal installation is reserved only for the coronation of paramount chiefs of Anlo and that no event of that nature should happen at the park.”

The claimants, bent on carrying out their plan, MrAckumey said walked out of the meeting “but I know that they will definitely be resisted should they go ahead to attempt installing TorgbiWenya III.”

Asked why he won’t use the court to stop the installation, MrAckumey, a lawyer himself said we will make an attempt to seek an injunction but the best thing should be a step in by the security apparatus.

Quoting English playwright and poet William Shakespeare, MrAckumey said “it is better to kill the egg of a snake than to allow it to hatch and turn into a serpent which eventually becomes difficult to handle.”


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