Stay True to Yourself & Follow Your Path – Muhammad Al Naqbi

Success can feel very good, but it might take a roller coaster of emotions to get to this high point. One of those emotions is likely humility. Even if it was difficult to deal with at the time, humility can teach us invaluable life lessons, especially in a business capacity. Muhammad Al Naqbi knows this first hand and shares his insight on these lessons.

Humility can take several different forms. Essentially the quality of being humble, it can also involve low self-esteem/image and a sense of being unworthy. When we make mistakes, which everyone does, humility can be a natural response. Per Al Naqbi, what matters is how we bounce back from any feelings of unworthiness.

Entrepreneurs must start a business with a positive mindset and be prepared to make mistakes or even experience failures. A mistake, no matter how big, does not mean the automatic closure of a business. Instead, it creates a learning opportunity and a chance for someone to test their resilience when it comes to facing a challenge. Once you overcome that challenge, your self-esteem will likely go back up. In turn, you will be back in the mindset necessary for success.

Muhammad Al Naqbi further explains that humbleness can not only shape but even increase one’s success. A humble business owner tends to be modest, handles stress well, generous, helpful, and grateful. Not only are there desirable traits in a person, but they are also highly desirable traits in a business. People will want to work for and with a person like this rather than an individual who is arrogant and overly confident. Humility is aligned with servitude, and any professional organization needs to remember it exists to serve people in one way or another.

Having worked with people on the opposite side of the spectrum, Muhammad Al Naqbi actually strives to remain humble as this modest approach has resulted in his formidable success. While it is essential to believe in yourself, it is equally important to stay true to yourself and not pretend to be something you are not.

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