Starof Suhum Schools students visit New Times Corporation

Students and teachers from Starof Suhum Schools (SOS) in the Eastern Region, on Friday visited the New Times Corporation (NTC), in Accra.

The tour was aimed at educating students on activities of NTC, the print media outlet.

The 49 students and their teachers, toured the newsroom of the Ghanaian Times, the daily newspaper, where the News Editor, Mr Matthew Ayoo, educated the students on news gathering and the process of newspaper production.

He said reporters and correspondents across the regions in the country wrote stories for publication of the newspaper.

Mr Ayoo said: “We have reporters and correspondents in the 10regions across the country, who provide us with stories and we are yet to recruit some to the six newly created regions”.

Responding to the publication of fake news, the News Editor stated that, “getting stories and publishing them must be on a professional level, based on truth, facts with solid evidence.

“One can be jailed or sent to court if an article or story published is false and without any proof.  You need to be sure of what you are writing before it gets published”.

Mr Ayoo advised the students to be very discipline and take their studies seriously in order to achieve their dreams.

The students continued their tour to the News Room of The Spectator, another, the weekly newspaper of the NTC, where the News Editor, Mr Castro Zangina-Tong, schooled them on the operations of The Spectator.

He encouraged the students to do their best and consider writing interesting stories to the editor for publications in the newspapers.

At the Computer Room, Mr Andrew Parker, a graphic designer, indicated that the section was where the newspapers were designed.

He explained that, before the newspaper was produced, the outlook was first sketched on a dummy in order to arrange and know how it would look like if it was printed out.

“Before we do the final work of the newspapers, the editors use a sheet we call dummy to indicate how the story should look on a page before we design the artwork and set in for printing,” Mr Parker said.

He said his team demonstrated designing skills of work to the students for them to appreciate how their work was done.


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