Stacy Mawuena Amewoyi tells her life’s story

Mrs Stacy Mawuena Amewoyi is a United States based Ghanaian philanthropist, an entrepreneur and author who changed her story from a poor orphan to a well accomplished woman.

She has touched the lives of many across the globe especially widows, needy but brilliant students and the deprived in society.

 Pushed by the desire to succeed, Stacy took on menial jobs after Junior High School and later became a backup vocalist as well as a dancer for many renowned musicians including Okyeame Kwame, 4×4, Dada KD, Nana Tuffour, Slim Busterr, Joe Frazier, Kakyire Kwame Appiah, Antwi ne Antwi, amongst others and acted in many movies alongside veteran actor Agya Koo.

She struck a modelling deal, and became the face of Akosombo Textiles Limited and Daviva.

 Stacy won Miss Out of Gold beauty pageant in 2000.

Even though the going was tough, Mrs Amewoyi by dint of hard work and determination, established “The Stacy Foundation”, a non-governmental organisation which had over the years impacted the lives of many, especially orphans, widows, less privileged and the downtrodden. 

The icon set up “The Anaya School Complex,” a training centre that offered free training in cosmetology to the poor in order to empower them financially.

She then instituted ‘New York Fashion Boutique,’ a retail store dealing in high-end apparel and footwear.

 These among many other achievements transformed her to become a celebrated icon for the vulnerable in the society.

Recently she authored her first adventurous and exciting memoir dubbed “The King’s Choice” a book which empowers readers to gain ‘a can do spirit’ so that they could live a fulfilling life irrespective of the obstacles.

Times Weekend had an encounter with her on Wednesday in Accra to delve into her life and how she was able to sail through the hardships to become who she is today.

TW: Good evening.

Stacy: Good evening.

TW: Did you grow in the care of your parents?

Stacy: No, my dad and mom kicked the bucket during infancy and I was left in the care of my grandparents who were also suffering from an ailment.

TW: Did you have the opportunity to attend school?

Stacy: Yes, I schooled at North Kaneshie 6 Primary but because of the financial crisis I was experiencing, I was compelled to enrol at Allure Beauty Palace for a Diploma in apprenticeship as a beautician.

TW: Can you tell us about your experience in school?

Stacy: I had a challenging time throughout my education as a result my great-grandmother took me to a vocational institute to learn a trade.   It was a horrible experience, throughout elementary school; I was always engaged in one fight after the other all to defend the defenceless. Sometimes my teacher could lock me up in a storage room.

TW: Were your grandparents fending for you?

Stacy: They were ill so I was selling to cater for them.

TW: What were you selling?

Stacy: I sold toffees, corn and fruits. I even became ‘kayayo’ and I washed people’s clothes to save to pay my tuition and to buy other school items like uniform, shoes, and books.

TW: Did you ever think of becoming a star?

Stacy: It never occurred in my mind, but God saw my heart and he made me pass through that in order for me to cater for people in similar situations.

TW: Who introduced you into the entertainment scene?

Stacy: It was the day that I heard there was an audition for dancers, right here in Accra. Fortunately, I was selected to be part of a dancing group who are hired to dance for musicians. Through this, almost 90 per cent of musicians had me in their videos and on stage during performance. Later, I met Mr Terry Ofosu Bright, he was a video producer. I worked for him and this helped me to save the little I gained to buy a container at Bubuashie to start the orphanage home.

TW: Have you ever thought of being a musician?

Stacy: Not really, I didn’t have that in mind but my love for music is super till now.

TW: What makes you happy in life?

Stacy: A popular saying goes “When you give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone becomes blessed.” You know I have a foundation and the goal is to help orphans and widows, so when the people are happy I also feel happy in life.

TW: Have you adopted any child?

Stacy: Adoption is relative, depending on how you look at it, I will say no because I don’t have an adopted child but what I do goes beyond adopting just a child because I cater for many orphans and they depend on me for their daily survival.

TW: If you become a singer what sort of music will you sing?

Stacy: Although I love both highlife and gospel music, I will choose to be a gospel musician.

TW: What has been your source of inspiration?

Stacy: My own life has been my source of inspiration and my book narrates my story.

TW: Who is your favourite musician?

Stacy: I actually don’t have a favourite singer, all highlife and gospel singers are my favourite.

TW: What is your next plan?

Stacy: My next plan is to write more books about life, love, finance amongst others. I am into entrepreneurship and I would like to write more on business to make people gain knowledge on how to secure themselves financially, even the small business they engage in.

TW: How did you get the inspiration to write your latest book?

Stacy: My life experience inspired me to write the book. In this book, I narrated the riveting true life story of my life. The narration of the book depicted my deep faith in God.

TW: Where will people get a copy of your book? 

Stacy: The book is available at New York Fashion Boutique (Osu Branch) and Big-J IT Enterprise (Bubuashie)                                                                  

TW: How do you want to be remembered?

Stacy: I want to be remembered as the orphan who struggled and has become a role model and mentor to many.                                                                                                                                                       TW: Thanks for your time.

Stacy: Thank you!

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