Special Prosecutor, Deputy AG clash at court

Special Prosecutor (SP), Mr Martin Alamisi Burns Kaizer Amidu, yesterday flared up at the Supreme Court (SC), saying Mr Godfred Yeboah Dame, a Deputy Attorney-General (AG), was disrespectful to him.

“If you don’t respect, don’t come to me for cooperation. You are younger than my son, and a junior at the Bar,” the SP said.

The confrontation between Mr Amidu and office of the Attorney-General concerns the €47m judgement debt dubiously paid Waterville Holdings for the construction of stadia in 2006.

 Mr Amidu sued the Attorney-General for not doing enough to retrieve the money paid to Waterville after the SC had ordered the state to retrieve the money six years ago.

The SP, who was a former AG under the previous National Democratic Congress administration, fumed that Mr Dame insinuated he Amidu was a liar.

A few weeks ago, Mr Amidu told the apex court he would cooperate with the office of the Attorney General to retrieve the €47.7 million judgement debt that the government illegally paid to Waterville Holdings.

The SP also known as citizen vigilante for his tough stance on the fight against corruption, alleged that the office of the Attorney-General was not cooperating with him to retrieve the money.

The Deputy AG took exception to what he described as the SP’s attempt to suggest the AG was not working to retrieve the money.

Mr Dame told the court that there was no evidence that the AG had refused to cooperate with Mr Amidu to enforce the order of the SC.

He rather accused the SP of not cooperating with the Attorney-General and leaking information to the media.

That did not go down well with the SP, who accused the Deputy AG of disrespecting him and calling him a liar.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court has dismissed Mr Amidu’s application seeking the court to compel the AG to enforce the judgement for the money to be retrieved from Waterville.

The SC dismissed Mr Amidu’s application on grounds that it was incompetent.

 On June 14, 2013, the SC ordered Waterville Holdings to refund the €47.36 million the state paid it, because the contract between the company and the state in 2006 for the construction of stadia for CAN 2008 was not approved by Parliament and was, therefore, unconstitutional and invalid.


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