Spanish court rejects Dani Alves’s appeal against remand over sex claim

A Spanish court rejected a request by Brazilian soccer player, Dani Alves, to be released from jail on remand, as the investigation over an alleged sexual assault in a Bar­celona night club continues, the regional court said on Tuesday.

The 39-years-old, who has denied any wrongdoing, was jailed on remand without bail on January 20, after a local woman filed a complaint last month about an event at the exclusive Sutton nightclub in the city centre. Police are investigating and the case remains open over a crime of sexual assault.

Alves’ lawyer had asked for him to be released on bail if he surrendered his passport and wore an electronic tag, arguing that he had family ties in Spain.

However, the court rejected the arguments and ordered him to remain on remand at the Brians 2 prison on the outskirts of Barcelona.

“There is a high risk of fleeing as… the severe punishment he faces in the present case, the strong evidence of wrongdoing and his economic might make it possible for him… to leave Spain at any time,” the court said.

The case has attracted signif­icant attention in Spain because of Alves’ profile, but primar­ily because sexual assault has remained a dominant political theme since the 2016 gang-rape of a teenager during the San Fer­min bull-running festival which led to the toughening of sexual violence laws in the country.

In Spain, a claim of rape is investigated under the general accusation of sexual assault, and convictions can lead to jail time of between four and 15 years.

Conviction of such a charge also paves the way for finan­cial compensation to be paid to the victim to cover physical, physiological and moral harm. — Reuters

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