Some political vigilantes are armed robbers – Sup Odame

Some persons recruited as vigilantes for political activities in the country are also armed robbers, the Kasoa Police District Commander, Superintendent (Sup) Samuel Odame, has revealed.

He has, therefore, appealed to Ghanaians to support the Ghana Police Service to eradicate the menace of vigilantism if the prevailing peace was to be protected.

“These people operate in such a way that, during the day, they act as vigilantes, but in the night, they use their arms in activities of armed robbery,” he emphasised.

Contributing to a question and answer session at a one-day advocacy campaign workshop on the eradication of vigilantism and related offences Act (Act 999), Sup Odame said most of these people operate differently at different times and pose threat to the entire peace architecture of the country.

The workshop, organised by the National Peace Council, was to create awareness on the Vigilantism and Related Offence Act, and also galvanise support towards peace before, during and after the general election.

Sup Odame said activities of these vigilantes compromised the country’s security and there was an urgent need to stop their operations.

He appealed to people to desist from interfering with police operations, especially, those that bothered on criminal investigations.

Sup Odame explained that it was unfortunate that most often, people who knew nothing about security, commented on such issues, stressing that “It is a major challenge to security and investigations, especially when people, who know very little or next to nothing comment on security as though they are experts on issues at hand.”

On his part, an immediate past Board Member of NPC, and former Member of the Council of State, Reverend Dr Nii Amo Darko, called on Ghanaians not to behold themselves as enemies due to the differences in their political persuasion.

He explained that governance was made up of both the ruling and the opposition and that should not make them enemies.

“Let us see ourselves as brothers and seek the welfare of the country more than our political parties. If we really care about this country, then we must ensure that peace prevails before, during and after the elections,” Rev. Darko said.


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