Soldier beaten after killing of colleague at Ashaiman

 Barley a week after the alleged murder of private Imoro Sheriff, at Ashaiman, in the Greater Accra Region, another soldier has been beaten to pulp.

Moro was killed at the vicinity of Taifa, a suburb of Ashaiman last Friday.

The soldier, who was named as private Arhmed, was beaten at Old Tulaku several kilometres from the initial crime scene.

The GhanaianTimes gathered that the assaulted soldier was among military men from the first Infan­try, who undertook an operation at Ashaiman, on March 6.

The soldier, who was assaulted was said to have entered an un­completed building, where alleged suspects were hiding, at Old Tu­laku, Ashaiman, and unfortunately lost touch with the Command.

When the Ghanaian Times contacted the Ashaiman District Police Commander, Superinten­dent Osman, he could not confirm or denied the story, but said the military was carrying out its own investigation outside what the police had begun.

The Commander stated that the military was putting impediment in the police investigation and unnec­essarily attacking innocent citizens and harassing them.

Moment after the Ghanaian Times reporter left the office of the Commander, he was accosted by three armed policemen, who took away his notebook and pen, claiming it was a directive by Supt. Osman.

When the Ghanaian Times re­porter went back to Supt. Osman, he claimed the action of his men was orders from above.


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