Solar energy complements electricity – Suka Power MD

The Managing Director (MD) of Suka Power Limited, Abdul-Wahab Raj, says solar energy is not a replacer of electricity power, but complements other power generation mix for energy self-sufficiency in the country.

“Solar energy helps consumers to save some money, solar energy is not replacing the electricity company, it only takes a fraction off from consumption on the national grid, so that consumers can save some cost with solar energy as a complement,” he said.

Mr Raj whose company deals in the design, installation and supply of solar power was speaking on Energy Quest TV hosted by Lesley Arthur Asiedu and monitored by the Ghanaian Times.

He said there had been misconception about solar power supply in the country, adding that solar energy was not competing other electricity generation companies, but to complement and add to the national energy mix for sustainable power supply.

Alhaji Raj, an accountant who trained as renewable energy engineer in Germany and United Kingdom, said solar energy was cheap and affordable, dispelling the notion that solar energy was for rich people, pointing out that one did not need heavy investment in solar energy.

“Solar energy is not solely for rich people, a lot of customers who patronised our products are not rich people, you don’t need heavy investment in solar power, you start small and build gradually by adding more and save cost,” he said.

Alhaji Raj also touched on the “Feed in Tariffs” as envisaged in the Renewable Energy Act to encourage house owners to harvest the sunlight, through investing in the solar photovoltaic panel, to generate solar power into the national grid, for sustainable power supply.

He explained that he had mounted a 1.2 kilowatt solar photovoltaic panel on his home in UK, and had been contributing into the national grid, adding “I receive 1000 Pound Sterling every year for contributing power into the national grid while I enjoy the solar power.”

As part of efforts to popularise solar energy, Alhaji Raj said the company had embarked on “Women in Renewable Energy” concept to get a lot of women trained in solar energy, adding “women sell better if we get a lot of women trained in renewable energy, they can help grow the industry.”

“Women in renewable energy is a deficit in the industry, we are training more women to help close the deficit,” he added, saying all companies should be encouraged to get more women into renewable energy.

“One does not need to have engineering background to undergo the training, we have a simplified study manuals, easy to understand. We can help people acquire the skills, develop the passion and add value to the industry,” he said.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman

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