Socialist Forum condemns attempt by US to topple Nicolas Maduro

The Accra Collective of the Socialist Forum of Ghana (SGF) has condemned the attempt by the United States of America and its surrogates to topple President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela.

It said the US government has no right to intrude in the sovereign affairs of Venezuela.

 A statement signed in Accra by Bless B.K Tula, Convener Accra Collective and copied the Ghanaian Times said the Trump administration has no legitimate authority to impose its will on the people of Venezuela.

“We are convinced beyond doubt that the recent coup attempt was instigated by the Trump administration for the sole purpose of taking control of the vast natural resources of Venezuela including gold and oil,” the statement said.

The SGF calls upon all progressives and peace loving people of the world to solidarise with the government and people of Venezuela in these “difficult times”.

The statement commended the governments of Russia, Iran, Cuba, China and Turkey for standing firm in defence of the constitutional and democratic rights of the people of Venezuela.

“We declare our full solidarity with the Government and people of Venezuela in their resistance to imperialist aggression and the pursuit of the objectives of the Bolivian Revolution.”

Venezuela has been in the spotlight for some time now over concerns of economic hardships.

Opposition leader Juan Guaido who declared himself interim President of Venezuela had come under intense criticisms from the political class and members of the ruling government.

Although Guiado’s restoration message is resonating with some Venezuelans, President Maduro continues to receive massive support from the military and his supporters.   


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