Slamm Technologies launches ‘Nimdee’ app in 15 dialects

Slamm Technologies, a leading Information and Communications Technology (ICT) firm, has launched a new application to equip individuals on basic intermedia and advanced technology skills in different dialects.

The application, dubbed “Nimdee” which literally means ‘knowledge’, comes in 15 different languages such as Akan, Ga, Ewe, Dagbani, Hausa, English, Spanish, French, Igbo and Yuroba.

The Director of Operations for Slamm Technologies, Mrs Francisca Boateng, launching the app in Accra yesterday, said the app wasnot limited to anyone and was targeted at reaching one million people across Africa.

She said statistics indicated that 50 per cent of the world had access to internet while 20 per cent had access to digital skills, therefore, it was the goal of Slamm Technologies to bridge the digital divide by getting more people with digital education.

“This is why we have launch this app to help people easily get access to whatever they want to learn on the app in different languages in order to bridge the gap between people who have no idea of the digital world,” she added.

Mrs Boateng noted that the app would also teach people how to protect their system so that fraudsters would not easily have access to their mobile phones.

She called on individuals to support the initiative to help reach the one million target with digital literacy.

The Developer of the Nimdee App, Mr Eli Banini, said the app taught individuals on various courses such as “How to switch off your Phone, Update Your Smartphone and Keeping Your Devices Secured, adding, “Each interactive lesson teaches you a new skill”.

“The app is free and open to anyone in the world and can be accessed on Google play store or can log on to So I entreat each and every one to download it and experience the digital world,” he stated.

Mrs ShielaNaah Boamah, Technical Advisor for Ministry of Education,said the app would help bridge the digital educational gap, but the only challenge was inadequate technological vocabulary for the local language which would aid the aged or the intermediates to access the right words for their dialect.

However, she expressed optimism that it was a good start and assured the Ministry’s support to ensure that the purpose of the app was achieved.


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