Signing of power sharing deal in Sudan hailed

The signing of a political deal between Sudan’s military and opposition alliance was hailed both at home and abroad as a concrete step towards the handover of power to a civilian administration in the transitional period.

On Wednesday, after marathon talks that lasted more than 13 hours at Corinthia Hotel in the capital, Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC) and the opposition Freedom and Change Alliance signed a 22-clause agreement on the establishment of the government structures and institutions during the transitional period.

The clauses stipulate that the two parties must work on the basis of partnership, good intention and stoppage of hostile address, and grant the Freedom and Change Alliance the right to select the prime minister of the civilian government.

The deal is aimed at breaking the political deadlock that has crippled the northeastern African nation since the army ousted President Omar al-Bashir in April, following mass protests against his three-decade reign.

The TMC’s Deputy Chairman Mohamed Hamdan Daqlu signed on behalf of the council, while Ahmed Rabie, a leading member in the Freedom and Change Alliance, stood for the opposition.  

“Signing the deal is a historic moment in the life of the Sudanese nation and initiates a new era of partnership,” Daqlu said in a speech following the signing ceremony, noting that the Sudanese people have long been waiting to embrace freedom and justice.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Al-Amin, a leading member in the Freedom and Change Alliance, urged all parties to refrain from whatever may divide the Sudanese people and noted that the new government will serve “all the Sudanese people without discrimination.”

The consensus between the TMC and the Freedom and Change Alliance on establishing transitional authorities to jointly govern the country was reached on July 5, under mediation by Ethiopia and the African Union.

The AU envoy Mohamed Hacen Lebatt said during Wednesday’s signing ceremony that the deal paves the way for the coming phase and opens a new era to reach the constitutional declaration.

Ethiopian envoy Mahmud Dirir described the signing of the deal as “a great moment for Sudan,” saying that “the Sudanese people deserve this great day.”

The European Union (EU) on Wednesday called on the TMC and the Freedom and Change Alliance to continue their dialogue and formulate a constitutional agreement following their signing of a political accord. –Xinhua

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