SHS students urged to be outstanding

Senior High School (SHS) graduates have been urged to aspire to be outstanding in their endeavours.

According to the Founder and Lead facilitator of Honeycomb Ministries, Ms Cecilia Dansu, the world was evolving and placed demand on people who strived to excel.

“The world places demand on people who are outstanding and uncommon people, we live in a competitive era so if you don’t strive to be outstanding, you will struggle in what you do. Only few people will place demand on you,” she added.

Ms Dansu was speaking at an inter-schools thanksgiving service organised by Honeycomb Ministries for newly graduated SHS students in Accra on Saturday.

The programme organised in collaboration with Crafted Nation and Saint John’s Grammer SHS aimed to appreciate the Lord for enabling the students to complete their three year academic journey and to celebrate their exams victory in advanced.

It attracted students from the City Business College, Amasaman SHS, His Majesty SHS, Lapaz Community SHS, Accra Girls SHS, Frafraha Community SHS, Kwabenya SHS and Cosmos SHS.

Ms Dansu said being outstanding meant a person was “exceptional” or “the best” and to be exceptional, one had to do away with excuses and stay focused.

She said there were times, one would be faced with challenges, but with determination and perseverance, excellence would be the hallmark.

“Ignore people who will discourage you from doing new things. Never give a listening ear to them, but if you make those excuses a reason, you’ll not do anything. The devil is in the business of sowing excuses in people, never allow him to have his way,” she stated.

Ms Dansuadvised the graduands to pursue their goals with diligence and eschew shortcuts to success.

“It’s good to study or make money but it’s also important to remember that you’ll give an account of your life one day. Make God your priority. You’ll go through struggles that will make you question God’s love for you; your love for God will also be tested. If you stand for the right things, you’ll not be applauded but God will acknowledge you.Every time you have is a gift, spend it well,” she said.

The Secretary of the Chaplaincy Committee at St John’s Grammar SHS, Miss Eunice Kyemenu-Sarsah, in a speech read on behalf of the Headmaster encouraged the graduands to be prayerful and always praise the Lord, whether in good or bad times.

“Let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Praise Him at all times, whether good or bad and He will make a way for you. But most importantly, don’t forget to praise God when he makes you into a great person and helps you achieve success in life,” she said.

She urged them to let integrity be their hallmark irrespective of the challenges they faced.


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