Show interest in local govt system – Governance expert urges citizenry

The Technical Advisor at the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Dr Oduro Osae, has urged the citizenry to change their attitudes towards local government elections since they reside in a local government area.

He explained that “it is the local government that determines the kinds of structures that should be put in the communities, works on roads, security and we must show keen interest in the system to accelerate growth and development”, he stressed.

“If you are not interested in your local government and are interested in only the national government you are doing a great disservice to yourself,” he lamented and  expressed disappointment over low turnout at just ended district level elections, there are four people who are important in democracy and development, which are unit committee member, assembly member, Member of Parliament and the president. 

“If we are not interested in getting good leaders to represent us in the four categories, development will delay, we must be interested, it is not just enough to vote for assembly and unit committee members, but after we voted, hold them accountable and make sure they deliver,  let us appreciate we voted for them, will be watching their activities closely and ensure they bring growth and development to the citizenry. 

“We should also be interested in what assemblies do, because they collect our moneys in form of taxes meant for developing our areas, be active citizens and not passive citizen,

“Once elected, if any assembly member is seen not to perform to the satisfaction of his or her people, they can recall him or her, through petitioning the Electoral Commissioner who will arrange for new assembly member, technically, assembly members do not have common funds to carry out developmental projects, but they lobby and facilitate development, people should not have higher expectations assembly member can construct a school.

“All assembly members are resourced with motor bikes to serve their communities and attend meetings while  sitting and transport allowances are given to them when they attend assembly meetings,” Dr Osae indicated. -GNA

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