Shevchenko praises AC Milan for relief efforts amid war in Ukraine

Former Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko has thanked his former team AC Milan for its “incredible effort” in supporting the country amid the ongoing war with Russia.

The Lombardy club has raised money and set up helplines to support families fleeing Ukraine and arriving in Italy.

“It was an incredible effort that the Milan Foundation did for Ukraine since the war started,” the 46-year-old told CNN.

“I had this phone call from the Milan Foundation and they tried to immediately help with a nice programme together with the Mayor of Milan, to help Ukrainian refugees.

“The refugees started coming from Ukraine across the border, most of the people didn’t have any documents because you had to leave the house immediately because the missiles.

“I think so many European countries started to help and just let all the Ukrainian people come and have some place to stay and some food and the minimum that the Ukrainian people need at that moment.”

Shevchenko, in conjunction with the AC Milan for Peace programme, helped to raise nearly $200,000 by selling specially designed team shirts which included the player’s name and number on the back.

Shevchenko, who made 208 appearances for AC Milan in seven years, has also praised the men’s national team saying it offered people hope during its attempt to qualify for the World Cup this year, although unsuccessful.

“We just want to show the world that we are going to carry on, we’re going to keep going but that we can also live,” he said.

“The players are still national heroes for everyone because that’s such a difficult moment.

“We want to just show the world that we’re going to carry on and then we’re going to try to live a normal life.” –

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