Shama District Assembly implements projects

The Shama District Assembly in the Western Region will implement all outstanding projects before the assembly dissolves on October 7, 2019.

It mentioned issues such as enrolling some youth of the district in vocational and technical training, taking legal action against state housing company for their reluctance in paying their property rate, beefing up staff strength, fuel allowances for assembly members next year, resolve chieftaincy disputes and land litigation.

Joseph Amoah, the District Chief Executive for Shama, speaking at a budget approval meeting in Shama, mentioned his three years in office, a major challenge he faced in his tenure of office was that of chieftaincy disputes.

“Chieftaincy disputes and land litigation hindered progress since the traditional rulers will have to approve projects, release lands to be implemented and also avail their subjects for community engagements.

“I appeal to the Western Regional House of Chiefs to intervene in the chieftaincy disputes and land litigation in the district since they have no paramount chief in the area, I commend the District Security Committee for its ability to successfully handle chieftaincy disputes, land litigation and prevent them from escalating because no area can grow and develop in a state of insecurity.

“A number of development projects were undertaken in the areas of education, health and sports, they were all possible because of the peaceful and united environment and security, I express my gratitude to assembly members for your unwavering support and assistance during my tenure of office.

“I cherish the cooperation you gave me in my tenure of office even though there were some frictions, I wish all assembly members well in their various endeavors after December 17, especially those who will be renewing your mandate will continue to serve your districts and the nation and I wish you all the best in all your endeavours,” Mr Amoah stressed. -GNA

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