Shama D/A engages residents on constitutional obligations

The Shama District Assembly has engaged residents at its maiden Town Hall meeting at Aboadze to fulfill their constitutional obligations concerning the functions of the Public Relations and Complaint Committee as enshrined in Article 27(1a,b&c) of the Local Government Act.

It engaged the educated and provided direction where to lodge grievances emanating from communities and among workers of the assembly on their constitutional obligations.

The assembly also sensitised the residents to comply with the rules of natural justice in the performance of functions and make recommendations to the assembly in respect of its investigations for the appropriate actions of the Assembly in the Local Government Act.

Percy Ahenakwah, the Presiding Member of the Shama District Assembly observed that local governance called for full participation of the citizenry and that sensitising them on their duties and responsibilities was crucial to enable them to forward any form of complaint to seek redress.

“The assembly and residents must promote rule of law, transparency, probity and accountability in our dealings as enshrined in our constitution and investigate complaints or allegations made against the conduct of the District Chief Executive, members and staff of the assembly and the departments of the assembly,” Mr Ahenakwah stressed.

Alhaji Abu Mahama, the District Planning Officer highlighted some development initiatives undertaken by the assembly which included agriculture, healthcare, education and skills development as high on its agenda in transforming the fortunes of the area. –GNA

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