Shai youth urged to uphold customs

The Chief of ManyaJorpanya, in the ShaiOsudoku District in the Greater Accra Region, Nene Dr Tei Djahene Korabo IV, has urged the youth of Shai (SE) to uphold and jealously guard the customs and traditions bequeathed to them by their fore fathers.

That, he explained, was the only way they could have a history to tell towards leaving a befitting legacy for their generations yet unborn.

Nene Korabo made these remarks when he led his people to the Shai Hills, their ancestral home on Thursday to kick start preparations for the celebration of their Annual Ngmayem Festival.

Every ethnic group in Ghana he stated, had a rich history of their ancestors and how they got to their present settlement which was handed down from one generation to another, hence the clarion call to the youth to support the chiefs promote their rich cultural heritage.

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The convoy of over 70 vehicles and motorcycles arrived at the foot of the hill at exactly 10:00 a.m. amidst cultural drumming and dancing and were received by the traditional priests and priestesses who were already there.

Libations were poured after which a ram and cocks were slaughtered to adequately prepare the team for the over four-hour journey to and from the caves inside the hills which had once served as the dwelling place of their fore fathers.

All rites expected to be performed on the day of the festival including the sprinkling of the “Millet’’ were also done in the caves amidst the firing of musketry and the singing of ‘’Asafo’’ songs.

Those who were left behind helped themselves to the variety of food and drinks brought to the place.

After more than four hours of waiting, the group descended and were greeted with wild jubilations, libations were again poured and prayers said for peaceful festival celebrations.

Nene DrKorabo who is  also the theManyaMatseand senior Asafoatse of the  Shai state said the essence of the visit and the performance of the rites were to inform the ancestors of the impeding three days festival, and to also expose  the youth to their  true cultural identity and values as handed  to us  by our  fore fathers.

According to him their fathers did it before them and they had been doing it till date, adding “he has been doing it for the past 24years, with the sole aim of maintaining unity among the people and especially sensitising the youth on the need to live in peace”

The Senior Asafoatse stated that their forefathers had lived in the Hills until they were asked by the British Colonial Master to descend in 1892 and that was how they moved to their present settlement.

He charged the youth to maintain the communal bond that brought them together to the Hills, and also use that spirit to raise high the name of their people and the country.


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