Shai Traditional Council suspends chief of Numesi-Dodowa

The Shai Traditional Council in the Greater Accra Region has suspended the chief of Numesi-Dodowa, Nene Tei Kwasi Agyemang V, from the councils meetings with effect from June 20, 2020.

The suspension letter signed by the Paramount Chief and President of the Shai Traditional Council Nene (Odeopoer) Martey Kojo Awah IV on June 14, 2020 and sited by the Ghanaian Times stated among other things that Nene Tei Kwasi Agyemang had always presented himself as the paramount chief of the Shai State instead of a  Divisional Chief of Dodowa-Numesi.

It sited August 14, 2021 where at the funeral of the Kontihene at Akwapem  Akropong, Nene Agyemang was alleged to have presented himself as the Paramout Chief of Shai Traditional area.

The letter indicated that the chief of Numesi also again on September 17, 2021 at a traditional council meeting openly said that the Lekpedje Paramountcy belongs to him the Hwiome and even added that the matter had been sent to court and pending as such his activities and actions were affront to the councils activities as it poses serious threat to the area hence his suspension.

It further explained that Nene Agyemang has styled himself as the Acting President and Chairman of the standing committee at Traditional Council meeting adding “he also connived with people to defy orders at council meeting while exhibiting gross disrespect, arrogance and impunity towards the paramountcy.”

The letter said such gross insubordination and defiance had persistently defiled the authority as the paramount chief and president of the council while publicly insulting him using offensive language to make mockery of his ill health and publicly refused to adhere to directives given to the registrar of the (se) Traditional Council.

It stated that Nene Agyemang in efforts to achieve his agenda kept on misquoting the chieftaincy act and misinforming other council members with a bid to forcefully take over and preside over council meetings knowing that he was not directed to play such roles.

 “He also refused to adhere to directives with the excuse that the standing committee has the authority to override decisions of the presidency of the Shai state”.

That Nene Agyemang in an interview denied ever holding himself as the president of the Shai Traditional Council to the extent of calling himself the Paramount Chief of the Shai State.

According to him, he sat in state as the chair of the steering committee that admitted Nene Odeopeor Martey Kojo Awah IV to the Shai Traditional Council and cannot now hypocritically turn around to usurp that position.

Nene Agyemang said Nene Awah IV was installed around 2005 but due to protracted dispute he was gazetted in 2018 and was inducted into the council as the president that very day.

Nene Agyemang explained that even though the inductee was incapacitated and even an injunction placed on him, the steering committee went ahead to accept him into the traditional council so why should he now turn round to take over the man’s position.


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