Shai-Osudoku Assembly bridge poverty gap

 Daniel Akuffo, Shai-Osudoku District Chief Executive (DCE), has underscored the assembly’s determination to bridge the poverty and inequality gap in the area.

He said the assembly is doing everything to economically empower those with disabilities and other vulnerable people.

Mr Akuffo was speaking at a workshop on ‘Citizen Action Against Poverty and Inequality” held at Dodowa which was jointly organised by the Assembly and the Foundation for Security Development in Africa (FOSDA).

Making reference to the Disability Fund, he noted that 219 people had benefitted, which took the form of the supply of fridges, wheel barrows and water storage facilities to enable them to engage in economic activities to aid them to lift themselves out of poverty and be self-supporting.

Mr Akuffo also announced that there were 1,946 beneficiaries of the Livelihood Empowerment Against Poverty (LEAP) and those benefitting from the LEAP intervention had been receiving between GH¢64.00 and GH¢107.00.

 “Engendering stronger relationships between the assembly and the citizenry against poverty and inequality is aimed at helping them to have better understanding of activities and programmes of the assembly.

“The assembly is making effort to increase access to quality health care which involves construction of Community Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compounds and has also provided school infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, science laboratories, furniture and other logistics for the two Senior High Schools in the district to enhance teaching and learning.

“Additionally, it has over the years sponsored mock Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) for candidates, to make the battle easy for the final examination and government’s signature Planting for Food and Jobs programme to improve the lives of the people with a total of 3,428 farmers in the district who have signed on to the programme.

“To help tackle the problem of post-harvest losses, the government is constructing warehouses at Manya Jorpanya to serve as storage for buffer stock,” Mr Akuffo said.

Mrs Theodora Anti, Programmes Manager of FOSDA, said they were eager to assist the citizenry to live up to their civic responsibilities.

She noted that community engagement had proven efficient in other areas, adding that “when people know how much the assemblies earn, and are confident their contributions will not be mismanaged, it promotes transparency”.


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