Sempe Stool Council admits newly enstooled Ablekuma Mantse

The newly enstooled Ablekuma Mantse (Chief), Nii Larbi Mensah V, has been admitted to the Sempe Stool Council as member to complete his enstoolment process.

Nii Mensah, 51, known in private life as Mustapha Adjin-Tettey, a businessman, succeeded his predecessor, Nii Larbi Mensah IV, who joined his ancestors in 2018 and was buried in 2019.

As part of Sempe Stool cultural practices and norms, Nii Mensah’s induction into the Council as a member, automatically bestowed the Office of the Council’s Treasurer (Atofotse) to him being the Ablekuma Mantse.

Thus, the Sempe Mantse’s Palace where the induction was performed saw a large crowd of observers, mostly, from Ablekuma, throng the palace, located just across the Gulf of Guinea at Ga Mashie precinct, to witness the colourful event.

When the entourage from Ablekuma, accompanied by Nii Okasa Oblempong II, Mankralo (Chief of Staff) of Ablekuma, arrived at the forecourt of the palace, they were welcomed to the palace grounds by Nuumo Kpakpo, Agbonyeli Wulomo (Agbonyeli Deity Priest) of Sempe with traditional prayers. 

Afterwards, a he-goat was slaughtered for the chief with his entourage to walk through, for them to be ushered into the Palace Meetings Hall where a member of the council awaited their arrival.

Nii Abossey Bullet, Sempe Mankralo who sat in state for Nii Adore Otintor, the Sempe Mantse welcomed the visitors while the rest of the members later joined him to advise Nii Mensah about the challenges of his new role as a traditional leader and how best to surmount those challenges through leadership skills bordering on honesty, transparency, inclusive governance and great display of commendable virtues.

Nii Larbi Mensah on the other hand promised to live above reproach by being a father for all while promoting unity, good sanitation drive in the area.


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