Select competent candidates in district assembly elections – NCCE

The National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) is asking Ghanaians to elect competent Assembly Members and Unit Committee Members, in the upcoming district assembly elections.

According to the commission, electing members with competence and integrity was one sure way to bringing development to the local communities.

Speaking to the Ghanaian Times on Thursday, after engaging staff of New Times Corporation (NTC), Mr Ebenezer Tetteh-Wayo, Accra Metropolitan Director of NCCE, urged Ghanaians to take active part in the activities of the assemblies.

Although enthusiasm in district assembly elections continues to fade, the NCCE boss believes elected members could restore hope in the people when they deliver on their mandate.

Mr Tetteh-Wayo said the NCCE was currently embarking on a nationwide campaign to whip up enthusiasm in Ghanaians to take part in the elections.

He noted that the assemblies were the pivot around which development evolved, adding that the assemblies build social infrastructure such as schools, hospitals, provision of potable drinking water and address sanitation issues.

Mr Tetteh-Wayo urged Assembly and Unit Committee members to consider the interest of their constituents at all times, so that their mandate could be renewed at elections.      

Elected Assembly and Unit Committee members are key partners in the decentralisation process as they represent their areas in the assemblies.

The Assembly members often lobby for projects and seek funding to undertake activities that benefited their community.  


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