Seek path of righteousness …Imam Alhassan to Ghanaians

Imam Alhaji Mohammed Awal Shuaib Alhassan has urged Ghanaians to seek the path of righteousness for Allah to bless the country and take it out of the economic challenges.

Delivering a Khutbah (ser­mon) on Friday at the National Mosque, Imam Alhassan, who is one of the deputy Imams of the Mosque entreated Muslims to keep faith in God, and not to be swayed by any other consider­ation.

Quoting from Quran 5:105 “O you who have believed, upon you is (responsibility for) yourselves. Those who have gone astray will not harm you when you have been guided…” Imam Alhassan urged Ghanaians to seek the help of Allah to guide leadership to steer the country out of its challenges.

He added“when you are on the right path, persevere in your prayers and remained focused, Allah will guide you and no any mischief will get you out of the right path.”

Observing with concern about the economic meltdown and depreciation of the Ghana cedi, Imam who also doubles as the Chief Imam of the Dagomba community in Greater Accra Re­gion, said Ghanaians should work harder and make the economy of the country stronger and vibrant.

“We do not have to use an­other country’s currency as “King­kong” so that when the currency goes up, it affects all currencies in the world, forgetting that we need to repent and seek the path of righteousness, with Allah’s blessings and hard work, we can make our economy better,”he added.

He said Ghanaians must not lose hope, but eschew negative tendencies, seek the path of righteousness, and pray to God and “Allah will listen to us and bless us.”

Imam Alhassan also touched on the Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+ (LGBTQ+)and asked Ghanaians to reject and not encourage it, saying “we cannot be on the right path if we encourage something that God has condemned in all religious book.”


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