Seek opportunities to develop nation – Chief admonishes youth

The Paramount Chief of Kpone Traditional Council, Nii Tetteh Otu II, has admonished the youth to avail themselves to opportunities that will endeavour them to develop the nation.

He stated that when they avail themselves to opportunities that would make them contribute meaningful to nation-building society would be transformed.

Nii Otu cautioned the citizenry, especially the youth, to desist from entrusting their future into the hands of politicians as they had done over the years which they had not been sincere with the people hence mistrust and lack of confidence in the system.

“Based on the political history of the country, most of the promises of politicians, whilst in opposition, become a fantasy when they win political power which is unfortunate and made the youth disillusioned to contribute towards the progress, growth and development of the country.

“In such situations, the youth must take their destiny into their own hands, work hard, focus, venture into entrepreneurship, and seek opportunities in the global world system, lookup to role models in society and look up to people in leadership towards nation building,” Nii Otu advised.

According to him, no president had performed better than Dr Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president, who prioritised the needs of the citizens which is endowed with natural resources, which could be exploited to develop the country, instead of overreliance on foreign aid and grants that often came with unpleasant conditions.

Nii Otu called on the government to stabilise the Cedi against the other foreign currencies to aid businesses and improve living conditions, as well as use the local resources to cushion the people in times of difficulty. –GNA

“The government should stabilise the Cedi and petroleum products against other foreign currencies to attract investment, aid businesses and ameliorate the plight of citizens so as to repose trust and confidence in the government and politicians to transform society,” Nii Out stressed. –GNA

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