Saudi Arabia govt offers 159 scholarship annually to Ghana – Ambassador

The Government of Saudi Arabia has made available 159 scholarship programme annually for Ghana to make the Kingdom attractive and destination for Ghanaian students.

“The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made education free from nursery to PhD for qualified students and has about 29 public Universities.

As a kind gesture towards making education accessible to citizens of the world irrespective of race and religion, the kingdom offers educational scholarships to interested applicants from all over the world.”

The Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Ghana, Meshal Alrogi, disclosed this in Accra on Saturday at the launch of a book “Comprehensiveness of Islam,” authored by Sheikh Yahya Sulaiman Tuntunba, graduate of the Islamic University of Al Madinah, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“I encourage our young ones here to take this opportunity to pursue higher studies in the Kingdom’s Universities. Scholarships are available for all applicants and in all fields, including nursing, pharmacy, computer science engineering, accounting, Journalism, Agricultural studies, oil and gas engineering, in addition to sharia and Arabic language courses,” Mr Alrogi said.

He added that Saudi scholarships were among the best in the world, stressing that “its scholarships come with full package including yearly round ticket for summer vacations, free tuition, free accommodation, subsidised meals in restaurants on university campuses, sports facilities, monthly stipends, end of study allowance to enable students export their books, free health insurance for students and their families living with them.”

“I’m highly delighted to see graduates of Saudi Arabia Universities all over Ghana contributing towards the development of the country and transforming lives, and I hope to see more Ghanaians studying in Saudi Universities,” Mr Alrogi said.

Mr Alrogi pointed out that it was an undeniable fact that, the strength of every nation and society was knowledge, adding “knowledge lifts people to status of honour and makes them useful and beneficial citizens and members of their communities.”

He said that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia identified and made education a priority in its transformational agenda.

“Islam teaches us to seek knowledge and to impact that knowledge in uplifting our societies, and this is exactly what we have witnessed today,” he added.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahaman

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