Saudi Arabia Ambassador wishes Muslims well in Ramadan

The Saudi Arabia Ambassador to Ghana, Mesha Hamdan Al-rogi, has expressed his best wishes to Muslims across the country on the occasion of the month-long Ramadan fasting.

He also extended a warm felicitation to “all the people of the friendly Republic of Ghana and wished the country more progress and prosperity.”

Muslim across the world on Sunday began their annual month-long Ramadan fasting, during which they abstain from food, drink and all earthly desires from dusk to dawn, for the sake of Allah.

In a video message copied the Ghanaian Times Mr Al-rogi said “this month offers an opportunity for reflection and spiritual growth, forgiveness, patience and resilience, compassion for those less fortunate.

These lessons are needed in these times when the world is reeling from the impacts of the COVID-pandemic and current crisis rising from the international security situation.”

He said Ramadan offered“us the ability to adapt to all situations as we switch from our normal living habits to fasting from dawn to dusk. The time of suhor (dawn meal) reminds us of the less fortunate and the time of iftar reminds of the ordeal of those who had no food to sleep on.”

Mr Al-rogi said the lessons imbibed adaptability to changing situations and offered“the spiritual power to persistently persevere in transforming our lives, our communities and our beloved Nation-Ghana.”

During Ramadan Muslims crowd places of worship to offer Tarawih prayers, after the Isha prayers, in line with the Hadiths of the Holy prophet of Islam, and the Ambassador in his message reiterated that “the Tarawih prayers bring us closer to our Creator to help us put before Him our challenges.”

Muslim faithful are expected to give out Zakat ulFitri, after the end of the month-long fast, to purify their wealth, and to enable the poor and needy to also enjoy the festival of Eid-ul-Fitri. 

Mr Al-rogi said “giving ZakatulFitr (charity) to the needy ones at the end of the Ramadan fast teaches us compassion. Indeed, the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) said “He is not a believer whose stomach is filled while his neighbour goes hungry”.

By Salifu Abdul-Rahamanpix

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