Saturday downpour: …Parts of Accra flood again

A torrential downpour in the early hours of Saturday caused flooding in some parts of Accra particularly the Kaneshie Market area, First Light, Abossey Okai, Adabraka.

 Worst hit was the ObetsebiLamptey Interchange where motorists had to use alternative routes to avoid the vehicles being swept by the raging floods.

The New Times Corporation was also hit by the floods.

Deposites of filth after the rains submerged

Some communities at Tema and their environs within the region also experienced flood.

Choked gutters in the metropolis worsened the situation, as the rain water had no pathway to flow into the main drains.

Vehicles were seen trapped in the flood, creating inconvenience for commuters and traders who were on their way to work that morning.

Drivers parked their vehicles to wait for the level of the flood to reduce, while commuters in commercial vehicles got down to wade through the flood.

Some squatters in the area took advantage of the situation to make money-they carried people, especially women and children, on their backs to cross the flood for a fee.

Affected residents who had lost properties were seen wadding through the flood, trying to salvage any property they could find after the downpour.

The flood left huge piles of refuse at the affected communities. However, no death, according to an official at the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), had been recorded.

Trading activities at the Central Business District in Accra delayed for several hours due to the rain and the floods.

The Ghana Meteorological Service had earlier issued a statement warning residents in the region of an imminent rainstorm in the region.

Despite the hours of early downpour, sunshine broke in the afternoon, and people were able to go about their normal duties.

Shops in Accra opened to traders and business activities after the rain, however, residents in some communities were unable to go out due to the flood.

Ghanaians have expressed anger over how a little rainfall could cause flood, especially in the capital.

The flood was one of the topical issues trending on social media on Saturday morning, with people sharing videos and expressing concern over the issue.

They called on the government and city authorities to help address the situation by clearing choked gutters and creating pathways for rain water.

Flood has become perennial concern in the country. Many lives are lost annually, with several properties destroyed as a result of flood.

On June 3, 2015, about 126 people passed away in a flood and a fire explosion at the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange.

However, the city continues to record flood every year.


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