Russian recruitment unlikely to impact war – UK

Russia’s plan to expand its armed forces is unlikely to have an impact on the Ukraine war, the UK’s Ministry of Defence has said.
Vladimir Putin recently signed a decree to increase the Russian armed forces’ military personnel to more than 1.15m – a potential increase of 137,000.
But the MoD said the boost was unlikely to increase Russia’s combat power – partly because of ongoing losses.
President Putin’s decree came amid a military recruitment drive.
There have been reports that recruiters have even been visiting prisons, promising inmates freedom and money.
Currently, Russia has a limit of just over a million military personnel, plus almost 900,000 civilian staff.
In one of its regular updates on the war, the UK ministry said it was not clear if the planned increase would be achieved by recruiting more volunteers – or by increasing conscription.
Western officials say some 70-80,000 troops have been killed or wounded since Russia invaded Ukraine six months ago.
Russia planned a short, decisive campaign when it invaded Ukraine in February, but Ukrainian resistance has stalled its progress, and in recent weeks front lines have hardly moved. —BBC

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