Russia strikes Kyiv flats

Firefighters clear through rubble after deadly air strike on Kyiv apartments

Ukraine war: Deadly air strike on Kyiv apartment block

At least two people have died and 12 injured in a Russian air strike on a residential building in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv.

Firefighters attended the scene in Obolon district in the aftermath of the attack. Pictures from the scene show a hollowed out building and rubble on the ground.

Russian strike near border is a message to Nato – Poland

A Russian missile attack on a Ukrainian military base near the Polish border yesterday was a attempt to “threaten” Nato, Poland’s Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz has told the BBC.

At least 35 people died in the strike on the Yavoriv training base, around 20km from the border with Poland, a member of the western military alliance.

Przydacz tells BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that Russia move was “highly provocative”.

“They surely knew this military base was placed very close to the Polish border,” he says.

“So of course the Russians knew what they were hitting and they wanted to threaten Nato… They wanted to send a message threatening Nato.”

Przydacz says he fears “my country and several other countries is somehow in danger since Mr Putin is trying to destroy the world we are living in”.

Source: BBC

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