Ripped-off classrooms impeding effective teaching and learning at Yuonuori community

 Effective teaching and learn­ing at the Yuonuori Junior High School (JHS) in the Wa West District, have been adversely affected due to the rip-off of all the classrooms and the office of the school.

The classrooms, which were ripped-up by rain­storm about two years ago have compelled the school children to receive academic instruction under trees making it not conducive for effective teaching and learning.

Mr Paul Engwub, a resident, who revealed this to the Ghana News Agency in an interview appealed for befitting classrooms to promote effective academic work at the school.

He said the authorities, including the District Assembly, seem to be doing nothing to remedy the situation even though they were duly notified of it since the disaster occurred.

“Some people came to assess the state of the destruction but have since not returned and the school is collapsing because the teachers do not usually come, and the children also feel reluctant to go to school.

“They prefer going to do work that they can  get something from than to go and sit in the school and no teacher will come to teach them,” he explained.

Mr Engwub expressed worry that the state of the school had left them in a state of hope­lessness since they did not have the capacity to re-roof the structure and their children were lagging in education.

Mr Nong Saamana, the Chairman of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), appealed to the teachers at the school to take their work seriously to help save the future of their children.

He said the attitude of the teachers, if not checked, could collapse the JHS as the chil­dren were not motivated to attend the school.

Meanwhile, Mr Moses Bapile, the Assembly Member of the area, said he had reported the situation to both the former and current District Chief Executives (DCEs) but the feedback received was that there were no funds to re-roof it.

“Even the current DCE went there and saw the school for herself. The Planning Unit also went there to assess the level of destruc­tion, but they said there are no funds,” he explained.

Mr Bapile added that he had written letters to non-governmental organisations including Plan International Ghana to help fix the roofs, but he had not received any positive feedback from them.

 The Assembly Member, there­fore, appealed to the philanthropic community to come to the aid of the children by re-roofing the school to help restore effective teaching and learning.

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