Revised Ga-English diglot presented by BSG

More than 200 Revised New Ga-English diglots have been presented by the Bible Society Ghana (BSG) to the Peniel Presbyterian Church of Ghana (PCG) – Teshie on Sunday in Accra.

The maiden Ga-English diglot, which was launched by the Clerk of General Assembly of PCG, Rev. DrGodwin Nii Noi Odonkor, was to assist all Ga individuals to fully understand the Gospel and be abreast with all the different dialects.

Speaking at the occasion was the General Secretary of BSG, Rev. Dr Enoch Aryee-Atta, who acknowledged the BSG for their efforts and hard work in producing such an exhorting diglot.

Rev. Aryee-Atta said the Ga- English Diglot was the Holy Bible in both Ga and English and would enable Ga-speakers to relate to God’s Word in a more meaningful way and have their lives transformed and blessed.

He further expressed gratitude to the men and women in the church who were instrumental in the translation and publishing of the Revised New Ga-English diglot, while encouraging individuals to purchase copies of the Ga-English diglot for themselves and their loved ones to help the BSG fulfil its mandate of Making God’s word available.

Preaching the sermon, RT. Rev. Dr Daniel Torto, chairperson of the BSG council, said the diglot was timely because the Ga language was gradually fading out due to the common spoken languages such as Twi and English.

“The Ga-English diglot will help individuals to understand both the Ga and the English language while reading the word and sharing the gospel to others”.

President of the BSG, Apostle Prof. Opoku Onyinah, on his side, saidthe Ga was translated from the original bible languages from the revived Ga version.

He, however, encouraged all Ga speakers to get copies of the bible since it would be easy for them to understand every word from the bible, especially now that the language was translated.

The Bible Society of Ghana (BSG) is a non-denominational and inter denominational Christian organisation with voluntary membership, and a member of the United Bible Societies (UBS) operating in more than 240 countries.

The BSG mandate is to translate, publish and distribute the Bible in various local Ghanaian languages and English together in one volume (Diglot).

The purpose of the Diglot is to assist the Bible user interact with the Scriptures for better understanding by comparing the texts, in two languages, since English is the official language for communication in Ghana. The Diglot of the Revised New Ga Version (RNGV) and the English Standard Version (ESV) is the result of that vision.


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