‘Review of Constitution must be development-oriented’

 The Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Dr Oduro Osae, has ad­vocated that a review of the 1992 Constitution must be develop­ment-oriented to make it conform to current realities.

“We must work towards consolidating the country’s democracy by working to re­view the current Constitution to ensure that it becomes a develop­ment-oriented Constitution so as to sustain national cohesion and nation building,” he noted.

According to him, even though the citizenry wanted to de­velop, the 1992 Constitution was a stability Constitution that had moved the nation from a military government to a constitutionally elected government; that stability had been secured however, the nation needed to move towards progress, growth and develop­ment.

 Dr Osae stated that Indepen­dence Day celebrations must drive the need for Ghanaians to come together in nation building and na­tional cohesion by amending some aspects of the Constitution to re­flect their progress, growth, hope, development and aspirations.

“As part of nation building and national cohesion, there is the need for our leaders to exhibit patriotism, selflessness, honesty, determination, dedication and commitment that they wanted to move the country from one level to another, and by doing so, all Ghanaians will witness the level of progress, growth and development that they wanted to realise.

“We must congratulate our­selves for how far we have been able to come as a nation solet us put ourselves together, let us see ourselves as brothers and sisters with a common aim of developing our country,” Dr Osae admon­ished.

He appealed to Ghanaians to unite as one people to develop the strength to be able to move the nation from one level to the other and desist from backbit­ing, witch hunting, unnecessary politicking and divisiveness but pool their resources together to develop the country since there was only one Ghana and had a common enemy, which was poverty”.

Dr Osae urged citizens to work hard to eradicate poverty, eliminate corruption, ensure the little resources the nation pos­sessed were put to good use for the benefits of both current and future generations, use them in such a way they could meet the needs of the current generation and also lay solid foundation for them to be able to meet their growth and development needs.

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